Bid Solicitations


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It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that you have downloaded all of the documents related to the bid and any Amendment(s) if applicable.

Please keep in mind that all bids must be received prior to the closing date and time indicated in the Bid Event.  Delays in mail delivery or any other means of transmittal, including couriers or agents of the issuing entity shall not excuse late bid submissions.

  • If a vendor is interested in bidding on an event, you must be officially invited.  Notify the event’s contact person at least 24 HOURS BEFORE the official finish date and time to request the official invitation.
  • A vendor must be a registered bidder to become invited.  If a vendor fails to register in a timely fashion your bid may be rejected in its entirety.

Please click here to begin the registration process.  This is a one-time, free process.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide current contact information to the Office of Procurement and Contracts to ensure your company receives bid event notifications.

Additional files related to bid solicitations (not applicable unless referenced in bid event)

Closing DateBid NumberDescriptionAgency
12/12/2016 EVT0004737 Refuse Services - Kanopolis Park KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/12/2016 EVT0004766 Ready Mix Concrete, Elk City KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/12/2016 EVT0004757 Lease of Compact Track Loader Com On Veterans Affairs Office
12/12/2016 EVT0004741 Agricultural Seed KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/12/2016 EVT0004769 Ready Mix Concrete State Fair Board
12/14/2016 EVT0004763 Boat Outboard Motor KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/14/2016 EVT0004731 Pest Control and Barn Disinfectant Services  
12/15/2016 EVT0004752 Refuse Services - Salina Training Center  
12/15/2016 EVT0004723 Utilization Review Services Dept of Health & Environment
12/15/2016 EVT0004764 Emblems, Embroidered KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/15/2016 EVT0004724 Preventative Maintenance for Autoclaves & Washers  
12/15/2016 EVT0004762 Aircraft Parts & Maintenance Kansas Highway Patrol
12/15/2016 EVT0004750 Roofing Services On-Call - Kansas Soldiers Home Com On Veterans Affairs Office
12/15/2016 EVT0004773 Ready Mix Concrete, KDOT D4 (REBID)  
12/16/2016 EVT0004749 On-line Student Record & Transcript Services Board of Regents
12/16/2016 EVT0004778 Yamaha Personal Watercraft KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/16/2016 EVT0004583 Case Management Systems with Judicial Tools  
12/19/2016 EVT0004774 Compact Knife Set KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/19/2016 EVT0004690 Mobile and Web Application Services  
12/19/2016 EVT0004744 Insurance, Property Kansas Highway Patrol
12/20/2016 EVT0004761 Ebola Response - Decontamination & Cleanup Svs Dept of Health & Environment
12/20/2016 EVT0004779 Demolition of property in Lousiburg, Ks-Miami Cty Department of Transportation
12/21/2016 EVT0004759 Repair of Sluice Gates - Cheyenne Bottoms WildlifeKS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/21/2016 EVT0004776 Rutile Titanium Dioxide, Kansas Corr. Industries  
12/27/2016 EVT0004767 Refuse Services - Wilson State Park KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/28/2016 EVT0004781 Elevator Maintenance - Larned State Hospital Larned State Hospital
12/28/2016 EVT0004780 Limestone Cleaning Chemicals - Hutchinson CF Hutchinson Correctional Faclty
12/28/2016 EVT0004775 Fishing Lake Maintenance - Goodman KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/29/2016 EVT0004742 Operation of Osawatomie State Hospital Ks Dept for Aging & Disab Svs
12/29/2016 EVT0004782 Traffic Signal Maintenance - District 4 of KDOT  
12/29/2016 EVT0004772 Janitorial Svcs - KC Materials Lab  
12/29/2016 EVT0004784 Exhaust Hose Reel System - KDOT Clay Center  
12/30/2016 EVT0004787 Mini-Split Heat Pumps - El Dorado Correctional El Dorado Correctional Faclty
1/4/2017 EVT0004783 Nationwide Service of Process Dpt for Children and Families
1/5/2017 EVT0004790 New Courtesy Dock - Sheridan State Fishing Lake KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
1/5/2017 EVT0004748 Clothing, Uniforms Kansas Highway Patrol
1/5/2017 EVT0004791 Trailer Mounted Diesel Pump KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
1/10/2017 EVT0004777 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers Dept of Health & Environment
1/13/2017 EVT0004675 Copiers  
3/27/2017 EVT0004770 Lottery Gaming System and Related Services