Cleaning & Disinfecting Response to Novel Coronavirus

The Office of Facilities & Property Management (OFPM) is providing this guidance document in response to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

We understand that each of your situations maybe different in how your custodial services are structured in your lease or in some cases self-performed. We would encourage you to contact your landlord or custodial service provider to inquire about products and practices they are employing and how that complies with current CDC recommendations. Suggested topics of conversations you may wish to have:

  1. What specific disinfectants and products are being used and are they approved by the EPA for combating COVID-19? (Click here to download a list of products)
  2. How often do they wipe down heavily used surfaces including – door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, exit devices, counters, vending and conference rooms?
  3. Do they wipe down personal office workstation surfaces, keyboards and phones or will they upon request?
  4. Can vendor supply additional product for your staff to use in between scheduled daily cleanings and are these products safe for employee use or do they require gloves or special protection?
  5. In shared facilities how is your building owner/services cleaning shared common area spaces?
  6. Have an understanding of what is standard service and what could be considered additional services so that you are aware of any cost increase up front.
  7. Please note that standard products like Clorox wipes are on the approved EPA list as an effective means to self-perform cleaning. Unfortunately these everyday products are in very short supply and state contract vendors are unable to commit to filling orders at this time.

Please visit the following CDC links containing guidance documents and encourage posting and distribution to your staff.

OFPM is in communication with Kansas Division of Emergency Management (KDEM) and will continue to seek additional resources. Please feel free to contact OFPM customer service center 296-3144 if you have questions or we can be of assistance in directing you to additional resources and services.