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Our office is located at:
Eisenhower State Office Building
700 SW Harrison Street
Topeka, KS  66603

Director, Office of Accounts and Reports

  Jocelyn Gunter, Director                                                         785-296-2311

Statewide Controls, Reporting


Manager, Statewide Controls, Collections

Financial Integrity Team     
        Gail Barnhart Team Lead, Financial Integrity Team 785-296-3404
        Fatima Gilbert Financial Integrity Team 785-296-2127
        Emily Downard Financial Integrity Team 785-296-3620
        Rachel Soden  Financial Integrity Team 785-296-3436
Federal Reporting Team
        Jill Martin Team Lead, Federal Reporting Team 785-296-2909
        Ashley Warren Federal Reporting Team 785-296-6616 
Internal Controls Team    
        Tamara Emery Team Lead, Internal Controls Team  785-296-2707 
        Scott Moser Internal Controls Team 785-296-6260 
        Vacant  Internal Controls Team  785-368-8165

Statewide Agency Audits & Municipal Services

     Martin Eckhardt Manager, Statewide Agency Audits & Municipal Services 785-296-2661
      Michele Mowder Administrative Officer, Municipal Services, Payroll 785-296-7043 
Agency Audit Services Team  
      Barbara Walder-Hittle Team Lead, Audit Services Team 785-296-3242 
      Ginnie Schirmer Audit Services Team 785-296-7021
      Vacant Audit Services Team
      Annette Moody Audit Services Team 785-296-2708
      Carrie Menke        Audit Services Team  785-296-2934
      Brad Elkins Audit Services Team 
Municipal Services Team
      Stacy Jaramillo Team Lead, Municipal Services Team  785-296-6033
      Lindsay Olson Municipal Services Team  785-296-8083
State Revolving Fund  
      Kerry Lyons
Team Lead, State Revolving Fund Team 785-296-8029
      Belinda Baber State Revolving Fund Accounting

Statewide Payroll & Collections

      Nancy Ruoff

Statewide Payroll & Collections 785-296-5376
Payroll Services Team
        Earl Brynds
Team Lead, SHARP Systems
       Heather DeBusk SHARP Systems Team
       Christina Cabello SHARP Systems Team
       Jude Overton SHARP Systems Team
       Amanda Entress
Team Lead, SHARP Processing
       Briana Schneider SHARP Processing Team  785-296-2002 
       Joyce Dickerson
SHARP Processing Team
       Jennifer Holthaus
SHARP Processing Team 785-368-6313
       Carmen Pearson
SHARP Processing Team 785-296-7059
Central Responsibilities Team
        Heather Byrne
Team Lead, Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-4886
        Dawn Johnson  Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-3705 
        Shelly Ballard
Central Responsibilities Team
        Theresa Gonzales
Central Responsibilities Team
        Ashton Martin  Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-2133
        Amanda Fowler Central Responsibilities Team
        Keaton Patton Central Responsibilities Team
SetOff/KTOP Team  
        Doug Craig Team Lead, SetOff/KTOP  785-296-2474
SetOff Debtor Contact Customer Call Center 785-296-4628 
  Fax 785-296-1477 
        Dusti Slocum  KTOP Supervisor  785-296-4514 
KTOP Debtor Contact  Customer Call Center  785-296-4500 
  Fax  785-296-1477 

Statewide Accounting

      Sunni Zentner

Statewide Accounting Systems 785-296-7058
Central Responsibilities Team
        Heather Byrne
Team Lead, Central Responsibilities
       Dawn Johnson Central Responsibilities Team
       Shelly Ballard Central Responsibilities Team
       Ashton Martin Central Responsibilities Team
       Amanda Fowler Central Responsibilities Team
       Theresa Gonzales
Central Responsibilities Team
        Keaton Patton Central Responsibilities Team  785-296-4788
 SMART Processing
       Nancy Haufler
Team Lead, SMART Processing
       Lisa Becker
SMART Processing 785-296-1079
       Michelle Dittman
SMART Processing 785-296-8023
       Ruth Wray
SMART Processing
       Vickie Hemmen
SMART Processing
       Shelly Myers
SMART Processing 785-296-8173 
 SMART Systems   
       Sarah Tongier Team Lead, SMART Systems  785-291-0556 
       Kristin Bookwalter SMART Systems  785-368-8128 
       Shana Godby SMART Systems  785-296-7291 
       Shelley Harvey SMART Systems  785-296-2620 
       Lisa Donald SMART Systems  785-296-3699 
       JoAnn Remp SMART Systems  785-291-3687 
       Linda Shaver SMART Systems  785-296-7917