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Accounting Forms

DA-130 - Authorization for Electronic Deposit of Supplier Payment Form

To obtain a copy of the 'DA-130 - Authorization for Electronic Deposit of Supplier Payment', please have your agency submit a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket, to request a copy of the form.  For security purposes, this form is not posted to this website. See additional guidance on submitting a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket and for requesting and submitting the DA-130 form and accompanying support in the related training sections of Smart Web.

Image of a Redeemed State Check (Warrant)

To request an image of a redeemed State Check (Warrant), please access the Kansas State Treasurer's Website for the form to process the request. This form is found in the 'Kansas Vendor Payment Information' section. 

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
AM-1 InterUnit TransferXLSX24.03 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
AR-95 Escheated Check ClaimDOCX33.06 KB22 Oct, 2019 Download
AR-97 Payment of Claims for Goods or Services Purchased in Prior Fiscal YearDOC31.00 KB21 Oct, 2019 Download
AR-98 Personal Injury or Property Damage or Loss Claim Against the StateDOC61.50 KB21 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-6 Form - Lost Check StatementXLSX21.96 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-6A - Lost Check Statement - Address ID ChangeXLSX21.59 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-6B - Lost Check Statement - Return Check to AgencyXLSX21.95 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-6C - Lost Check Statement - Return Check to Agency and Address ID ChangeXLSX21.64 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-7ACH - ACH Cancellation RequestDOC43.00 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-7CH - SMART Check Cancellation RequestDOC40.50 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-7TE - Travel and Expenses Cancellation RequestDOC41.50 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-22 Agreement to Reimburse Moving ExpensesDOC31.00 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-29 Request to Pay Expenses of Out-of-State ApplicantsDOCX36.36 KB24 Nov, 2021 Download
DA-32 Annual Report - Accounts and Other ReceivablesXLSX14.38 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-32 Accounts Receivable - SAMPLE for PMXLSX12.96 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-32A Accounts and Other ReceivablesXLSX14.42 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-32B Long Term ReceivablesXLSX14.34 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-34 Subsistence Extension RequestDOCX33.12 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-37 Request for Reduced Subsistence AllowanceDOCX24.49 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-47 Real Estate Cover SheetXLS58.50 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-60 Payment Voucher AuthorizationXLSX12.40 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-61 Cash Receipts VoucherXLSX12.37 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-62 Trust Fund Ledger AccountsXLSX13.24 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-63 Monthly Reconciliation of Financial Institutional AccountsXLSX11.15 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-65 Reconciliation of Trust FundXLSX11.95 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-66 Financial Institution CertificationXLSX10.93 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-68 Application / Report on Canteens, Work Therapy Funds, Canteen Funds and Benefit FundsXLSX13.82 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-68 Exhibit B - SAMPLE Income StatementXLSX11.91 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-68 Exhibit C - SAMPLE Statement of Revnues, Expenses, and Changes in Fund Net PositionXLSX12.31 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-68 Exhibit D - SAMPLE Revenue, Expenses, and Fund Balance StatementsXLSX12.78 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-71 Petty Cash Fund Application / MaintenanceXLSX29.89 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-73 Reconciliation of Petty Cash FundXLSX22.70 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-74 Change Fund Maintenance - Application to Establish Change FundXLSX28.20 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-74A Check Cashing Change Fund Application / MaintenanceXLSX30.01 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-75 Reconciliaton of Change FundXLSX13.42 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-75A Reconciliation of Check Cashing Change FundXLSX12.03 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-76 Record of Cash "Long" or "Short"XLSX12.32 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-78 Petty Cash Fund LogXLS83.50 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-82 Capital Asset Supplemental InformationDOCX51.48 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-87 Capital Asset Reporting LogXLSX160.58 KB23 Nov, 2020 Download
DA-88 Statement of Forgery AffidavitDOC41.50 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-115 Agency Authorized Officials and Approved Out-of-State Travel Locations / Areas (Effective January 1, 2016)DOCX46.35 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-121 Travel Expense DetailXLSX116.77 KB06 Jan, 2021 Download
DA-127 Mileage vs. Rental Comparison (January 2021)XLS143.50 KB06 Jan, 2021 Download
DA-152 Checkbook Record - Imprest FundXLSX21.59 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-153 Monthly Imprest Fund ReconciliationXLSX13.83 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-154 Imprest Fund MaintenanceXLSX27.89 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-164 Employee Use Fund ApplicationDOCX12.57 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
GL_F003 - Department ID Change Request FormXLSX25.68 KB05 Feb, 2020 Download
GL_F009 - Program Code Change Request FormXLSX24.71 KB05 Feb, 2020 Download
GL-F016 - GL Encumbrance Request FormXLSX25.24 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
GL-F026 Budget Date Change Request FormXLSX20.26 KB16 Oct, 2019 Download
GL_FTBD - Fund Budget Unit Change Request FormXLSX22.70 KB05 Feb, 2020 Download
TM-21 - SMART Supplier Maintenance FormPDF947.60 KB22 Sep, 2014 Download
W-9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (KS)PDF140.36 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
Temporary Deposit FormPDF140.35 KB01 May, 2017 Download
Cash Deposit Form CMPDF74.50 KB01 May, 2017 Download

Payroll Forms

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
DA-6P - Paycheck Stop Payment RequestPDF2.14 MB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-115P - Agency Authorized Signatures PayrollPDF125.16 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-171 - Housing, Food Service and Other Employee Maintenance PolicyPDF169.04 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-179 - SHARP Maximum Arrears Payback (Internal Agency Use Only)PDF161.67 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-180 - SHARP Paycheck Reversal/Adjustment/SupplementalXLS95.00 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-181 - Exclusion Request FormPDF59.55 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-182 - SHARP Paycheck Reprint Request (Internal Agency Use Only)PDF43.57 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-191 - Employee Organization Application for Payroll Deduction of Membership DuesPDF99.14 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-192 - Membership Dues Deduction AgreementPDF109.38 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-193 - Authorization for Payroll Deduction Employee Organization Membership DuesPDF85.22 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
DA-194 - Notice of Bi-Weekly Dues Certified by Employee OrganizationPDF83.63 KB15 Oct, 2019 Download
HR/Benefits/Payroll Quick Reference Guide for SHARP AgenciesXLSX18.45 KB21 Mar, 2018 Download
K-4 - Kansas Employee's Withholdings Allowance CertificationPDF72.86 KB13 Dec, 2013 Download
SHARP Pay Dates 2014 to 2039PDF117.20 KB29 May, 2014 Download
SHARP Pay Dates 1996 to 2013PDF80.33 KB29 May, 2014 Download
2021 W-4 - Employee's Withholding Certificate provided by the IRSPDF174.22 KB08 Dec, 2020 Download
Deduction Code ListingPDF156.63 KB28 Jan, 2020 Download
Codes that can be NPAXLSX25.69 KB14 Oct, 2020 Download

Office of Chief Counsel

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Regulation Manual June 2018 PDF1.40 MB27 Jun, 2018 Download
SOK Disclosure Policies and Procedures Rev. 2.6.2020PDF1.07 MB21 Oct, 2019 Download
Kansas Open Records Act Request FormPDF177.75 KB18 Oct, 2016 Download
Digital Imaging Program Fund FormPDF47.34 KB08 Jul, 2015 Download
AR-98 Personal Injury or Property Damage or Loss Claim Against the StateDOC61.50 KB21 Oct, 2019 Download
DA 146 Contractual ProvisionsPDF198.26 KB29 Oct, 2019 Download