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-General Accounting Webpage   

-Procedures for filing 2012 Form 1099 Information Returns for non-SMART Payments         

-1099 Information           

-1099 & Vendor File problems-Quick Hit List               

-Delegated Audit Authority

-Cellular Phone Procedures   (Informational Circular 15-A-005)

-Addition of New Expenditure Account Code, Funding of Agency Payments under the VRIP

-Addition of New Expenditure Account Code, Graduate Teaching Assistant GHI (April 23, 2012)

-Use of Account Code 526610, Job Training and Conference Registration (March 8, 2012)

-Processing of Transactions for Federal Grants (September 17, 2003) (Supersedes 01-a-015)

-Requesting a DUNS number for Federal Grants (September 22, 2003) (Addendum to 04-a-006)

-Fiscal Year Closing of Obligations - General

-Accounting Forms

-HIPAA Requirements for State Agencies (March 6, 2003)

-Intangible Assets

-Annual Audit Procedures

-Suggested Best Practices for Shopping on the Internet

-Kan View - Kansas Taxpayer Transparency Program Website

-State Lease Purchase Program

-Imprest Fund Procedures, Petty Cash Procedures and Forms (April 10, 2003)

-Accounting Policy and Procedure Manual

-State of Kansas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

-Setoff Program

-Agency approval to exceed lodging reimbursement rates and out-of-state travel

-Authorized Agency Officials

-Border City Designation

-Change Funds (from Imprest Funds)

-Check Cashing Change Funds (from Benefit Fund)

-Employee Use Funds

-Uniform Expenditure Account Classification

-Payment of Claims for Services or Goods Purchased in Previous Fiscal Years

-Property Inventory

-Requests for Copies of Paid Warrants

-Revenue Account Classifications

-Uniform Transfer Account Classification

-Employee Travel Brochure

-Employee Travel Reimbursement Handbook

-Vendor Inquiries Regarding Form 1099 Information Returns

-Vendor Number Policy and Procedure Manual


-Office of Facilities and Property Management Webpage

-Director's Memo and Scope of Service

-Contact Information

-Building Design and Construction Manual

-Building Rules and Information Handbook

-Leasing Handbook

-Office Space Standards

-Real Estate & Leasing Listserv Purpose and Instructions

Office of Personnel Services

Personnel Services Webpage

Access Policy

State of Kansas Affirmative Action Plan

Awards and Recognition

Professional Conduct

Daylight Savings Time

Drug Screening

Fitness for Duty

EEO Policy

Email Content  for Signatures and Taglines

FLSA and Compensatory Time

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Procedures Regarding Exempt Employees

FMLA Guidelines for the State of Kansas


Grievance Procedures

Clarification of issues regarding holiday pay for state employees

Inclement Weather Policy

Infant at Work Policy

Layoff Procedures and Alternatives to Layoff

Layoffs/Employee Preference

Layoffs and Probationary Periods

Leave Advancement Policy, State of Kansas

Donor Leave

Military Leave Clarification

Vacation Leave Overage

Shared Leave Clarification

Shared Leave and Workers Compensation

Time off due to domestic violence or sexual assault

Workers compensation and the use of leave including FMLA

LIFELINE (State of Kansas Employee Assistance Program)

Implementation  Guidelines for Participation in the Kansas Mentors Program

Payments for Employees Activated to Military Duty

Provisions for Eligible State Employees Reporting for Active Military Duty

New Employee Orientation

In-Grade Pay Increases

Performance Management Process

Probationary Periods


Recruitment periods for posting state job vacancies

Length of Service of Retirees Returning to State Service

Return to Work Agreement

SHARP Messages

SSN Protection Policy

Substance Abuse Policy

Tax Clearance Request

State Telecommuting Policy

Official Time and Leave Document

Veterans’ Preference Audit, Policies

Veterans’ Preference

Veterans’ Preference Policy

Clarification of the terms “workweek” and “work period” with respect to FLSA issues

Workplace Violence Policy

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Office Webpage

Program Brochure, Long Term Care

Resident Rights Booklet, Long Term Care

Mailing List

-Subscribe to Email Notification (Department of Administration list)

Municipal Services

Municipal Services Webpage

Municipal Audits

Municipal Budgets

County Tax Levy Sheets


-Payroll Services Webpage

-Deferred Compensation and Tax Sheltered Annuity Limits for Calendar Year 2015

-Direct Deposit Procedures

-Direct Deposit Q&A

-Addition of Earnings Code for Settlement Pay-No KPERS

-International ACH Transactions (IAT) in SHARP

-Learning Quest Changes

-Change in KOSE Organization Dues Deduction Amounts

-Change in Org. Dues Deduction for Pittsburg State Univ - KNEA #30

-Maximum Arrears Payback Procedures

-Paycard Program

-Agency-Entered Paycheck Adjustment Procedures

-Centrally-Entered Paycheck Adjustment Procedures

-Online Check Procedures for Paycheck Modeling

-Paycheck Reprint Procedures - Regents Agencies

-Paycheck Reprint Procedures - SHARP

-Paycheck Reversal Procedures

-Paycheck Stop Payment Request Procedures

-Supplemental Paycheck Procedures

-Payroll Record Retention Change (April 21, 2009)

-Position Funding Maintenance Procedures

-SHARP Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for 2014

-Terminated/Retired Employee Self-Service Access Changes

-2014 Percentage Method Tables for Federal Tax Withholding


-Printing Webpage

Graphing Standards guide

-Letterhead Sample Guide


-Procurement Webpage

-Re-encumbering Contracts and Real Estate Lease Agreements

-Revision of Form DA-146a - Contractual Provisions Attachment (April 26, 2011)

-Procedures for Processing Prior Authorization Requisitions (May 18, 2011)

-Policy for Use of Agency P-Card Employee ID in SMART (April 5, 2011)

-Procurement card Pocedures

-Professional Services (May 22, 2000)

Surplus Property

-Surplus Property Webpage

-Surplus Property Disposal, Agency

-E-Waste Recycling

-LESO 1033 Program, Kansas

-Surplus Property Program, State