What Browsers and Versions Do You Support?

Careers web application was built and tested using specific web browser versions. A web browser (‘browser’) is a program used to access the internet to view and interact with web sites (pages and applications aka ‘apps’). Careers may not work properly if your browser is at a lower version number than what it was created for.

Careers was built and tested with these browsers and versions as of September 2018:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v11
  • Google Chrome v58+
  • Microsoft Edge v39+
  • Mozilla Firefox v52+
  • Apple Safari v10+

You can check your browser version and settings yourself or you can go to this website* where it will auto-detect them for you:  https://www.whatismybrowser.com/

Solutions: If you experience problems, we recommend trying these actions:

  • Check your browser version and upgrade it to a supported version.
  • Close all browser windows and re-open a new one.
  • Clear your browser cache, cookies, temporary internet files.
  • Try opening the website using a Private/InPrivate/Incognito window(each browser calls it something different).
  • Add the site as a trusted site.
  • Disable popup blockers.
  • Try using another browser.

If you have tried all the options above and Careers is still not working properly please email psweb@ks.gov.

Copy the link on whatismybrowser.com and provide this with your email.

*Please note that whatismybrowser.com is a private third-party website and is unaffiliated with the State of Kansas. It has been provided for you as a convenience to assist in troubleshooting issues.

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