Fluid 9.2 Training and Desk Aids


Fluid 9.2 Training and Desk Aids

Fluid training lessons, tests, and desk aids are listed below by subject and book. Some security roles require the training & test completion (see the Security Role Guide). For browser compatibility see the Supported Browsers for SHARP.

SHARP Introduction & Reporting

Introduction to SHARP

Learn the basics of SHARP including navigation, buttons, and special features

SHARP Reporting

Learn to run reports in all modules of SHARP


Time and Labor

Time and Labor TL370:
Self-Service Users

Learn about entering, submitting and approving timesheets using PeopleSoft Time and Labor through Self Service

Time and Labor TL371:

Learn about Timekeeping


Time and Labor TL372:
HR Administrators

Learn how to enroll time reporters and approve payable time.

Time and Labor TL373:
Finance Maintenance

Learn how to maintain combination codes, task profiles, and task groups.

Desk Aids


Human Resources

Payroll Courses


Payroll Commitment Accounting

  • Fluid updates and screenshots for this CBT are coming soon.   Business process remain the same
  • Prerequisite to the Agency Commitment Accounting specialist security role.
Desk Aids